Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing has actually just recently become the main medium online today for getting the word out about items and services your company needs to offer. There are lots of reasons for this shift, but the most evident are the boost in ease of access and mobility of the Internet.

People now have quicker computer systems, mobile web browsers, and tablets that all provide assistance for quick and simple video watching. This is an obvious shift from years past, yet many marketers are still residing in the dark ages when it comes to utilizing video marketing to promote their brand name. Do not let this happen to you– let loose the concealed power of the Web’s most valuable untapped resource to reach more potential clients and get the word out about your biz.

Effect of Online Video Marketing

Why is video marketing growing so rapidly? Probably due to the fact that wise marketers know the practice directly leads to more traffic. How? When you create advertising videos for your brand, you increase your possibilities of nabbing more visitors from Google and social networks. That traffic turns into stacks of new leads and sales for your business online.

Video Marketing Versus Conventional Television Commercials

There’s a key distinction in between basic television commercials and online videos. Television commercials are not interactive– individuals are compelled to view a parade of unsolicited advertisements in between their preferred programs. It’s a required evil and one that we have actually lived with for generations.

Online videos, however, are different. People are actively searching for something when they find your video online, and they voluntarily click to play it. These viewers are far more likely to listen to what your video has to say about your business’s offerings.

At Simple But Well Marketing Solutions one of our leading services is video marketing. We pride ourselves on our ability to expertly promote videos for your business that will genuinely wow your audiences. Our initial video marketing service involves selecting one keyword and then creating and ranking a video for that term.  We can also add in video marketing into an SEO bundle so you can be sure prospective customers can find your masterpiece online when they search. Ideally, the best strategy would be to complete the SEO “trifecta” AKA ranking a video, map pack, and organically for the same keyword.  This strategy effectively dominates the first page for your terms.Video marketing is the future of the Web. Do not let your business get left by ignoring to harness this powerful tool.