Search Engine Optimization

Small Business SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

Our SEO services for small businesses typically start with a site audit. While we sell site audit’s as a one-time fee, we start each new project with an audit to cover all our bases and get an overview of how your website currently stands in the SERPS.

What is on-page SEO?

Our on-page SEO services are geared toward alerting search engines as to the importance of the content on each page. By optimizing each page for unique, targeted keywords with buyer intent, we can increase both organic traffic to your website as well as increasing conversions and revenue.

This process involves identifying keywords that are important to rank in organic SERPs for, this can and will be done through keyword research as well as finding the keywords that your competitors are currently targeting.The next step is to go through and optimize for each term in your

  • title tags
  • h1/h2 tags
  • meta description
  • alt tags

We also go through and optimize and build out content specific to those keywords on each page. We usually will find that many clients pages suffer from low content (less than 300 words) on important pages. Ideally, we will strive to build out content to 1000+ words on each page that is struggling to rank. At the same time, we work to improve conversion rates on pages by re-working copy.

Internal Linking Structure

After the content has been created and optimized, we work to build an internal linking structure (some call this a silo) so that we can increase the relevance of targeted pages by linking back to them with specific anchor texts designed to boost the rankings in search engines.

Test, Track, Repeat

We monitor traffic and rankings through Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and our rank tracking software. After analyzing your data we will continue to build out content based on the specific terms that might need a boost. Additionally, we identify terms that your website might be ranking for that have not been optimized around. These terms usually provide rapid increases in ranking once the content is built out around the specific term.

Show us some proof!

Brake Repair Results

Without giving away too much information, you can see that we have ranked J&J Automotive for a fairly competitive local term “brake repair utica ny” with two spots on page 1.

Roofing rankings


Roofing ResultsPictured above are the current rankings for “roofing contractors utica ny” and the progress made to first page traffic over the course of 6 months.


Finally, a national term “dead lift platform” ranking in the top 5 for quite some time now. Our SEO services can be targeted for national, shopping, or local style terms.