Link Building

A Link Building Overview

Link building services are the backbone of how Simple But Well Marketing Solutions got its start. We offer a broad range of link building programs to suit the needs of any business. Here is an overview of the services that we offer after your on-page seo has been perfected.

White hat campaigns

Our white hat campaigns are focused on outreach and building relationships with other businesses and influencers in similar niches. In these campaigns, we have moved away from the metrics that everyone else pitches ( Page Authority, Domain Authority, PageRank) and focus on building links to sites that have an audience where your business would benefit from the referral traffic. If we are going to go through the effort of reaching out for links, it makes so much more sense to do so for the benefit of traffic and conversions. After testing conversion rates, a link for the sake of a link just doesn’t cut it anymore. We identify blogs/businesses/websites that fit our criteria and work to develop a relationship that works for both parties. Other approaches to our white hat link building campaigns are as follows

  • broken link building
  • skyscraper technique
  • guest posting
  • expert roundups
  • infographic submissions

In general, the core of our link building approaches starts with great content. We focus on developing content for your blog that people would want to link to naturally. It doesn’t stop there, though, we then go out and promote that content to no end, generating traffic and links back to your website.

Tiered Linking Structures

As part of our promotion after securing high-quality links to your site we don’t stop and pat ourselves on the back. The job is not done…..not just yet. We then begin to build links to the links that have been created to help them index and also to power them up. These links can come in various forms depending on the niche and the business.

Darker Strategies

Yes, we are able to provide ANY type of linking that you should want at your request. While we prefer to utilize white hat campaigns for client work, at the request of the client we are capable of building out black hat campaigns if the situation is right. These campaigns can involve PBN building, SAPE, Web 2.0 and high authority GSA campaigns. We are part of a GSA mastermind group that utilizes an authority GSA feed that only 30 people have access to. This means that we get the GSA links that no one else can. This type of campaign is perfect for powering up your first tier of links and any other properties that you wish to add more juice to.