Lead Generation Services

Our lead generation services are one of my favorite digital marketing services to offer for one reason and one reason only. We are marketing partners. That is a powerful concept. Most small business owners receive constant pitches from companies that want to perform SEO for $200.00 a month only to get no results, show no proof of work, and then finally disappear.

Likewise, most service-based companies are used to a pitch on leads that are shared among multiple competitors that will low-ball your prices and leave you paying the bill.

How are our leads different?

Our leads are EXCLUSIVE TO YOU. We will either use your website or create our own branded site with the sole purpose of generating phone calls for your business.

When driving revenue is the goal, rather than ranking for a specific term, we utilize any and all strategies that are effective and making the phone ring for you. One example of this would be our facebook retargeting strategy. Paid ads offer the opportunity to generate traffic and conversions instantly and we take full advantage of that while our SEO strategies kick in and improve rankings.

We monitor traffic analytics and conversions and can easily scale up the most profitable campaign for both of us and stop wasting time on strategies that aren’t working. Each niche/market is different and the only way to know is to test and track results.