An Overview of Our Internet Marketing Services

I started Simple But Well Marketing Solutions with the intention of offering youtube marketing services to small businesses.  As we grew in experience it became apparent that we needed more tools in our toolbox.  I slowly began to offer SEO Services in addition to my Youtube and Video Marketing Solutions.  After working for agencies on numerous e-commerce style sites as well as large national sites, I got valuable experience with website audits and on-page optimization.  I realized that some of these services were necessary for local, small biz owners but they couldn’t afford them.  Why charge so much? Why not make the same opportunities and information available to all businesses?  I set out to do exactly that.  We grew from ranking youtube videos to providing full site audits, on-page optimization, link-building programs, social media marketing, and lead generation services.  Our tool box is ever expanding and as the internet continues to develop, so will our digital strategies for small businesses.