June 28, 2016

SEO Utica NY Case Study

The results from our SEO Utica NY Case Study

Check this post out about digital marketing services in Utica NY here.  We started out trying to rank for some local terms as a case study, the terms were

#internetmarketinguticany #seouticany #ppcuticany #websitedesignuticany #digitalmarketinguticany #digitalmarketingservicesuticany #internetmarketingservicesuticany


Here are the results after 30 minutes:

internetmarketinguticany- RANK = 0

internet marketing services utica ny – Rank =12

digital marketing utica ny Rank= #4

digital marketing services utica ny Rank= #1

This is not bad in terms of a case study.

EDIT: Please understand that I know this content is garbage! This in itself is part of a much larger case study.

Steve Szeliga

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